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Planning For Your Future

Are you financially prepared for services in your home or assisted living? Below are some things to consider. Provided by the ADRC of Oregon, which can be found at or (855) 673-2372.

Major reasons why planning today makes sense!

Everyone’s situation is different, but people have similar reasons to plan. For example:

  • Financial security. The high cost of long-term services and supports can quickly deplete your saving and strain your income. We all want to protect our own and our families’ standard of living. No one wants to be a burden to others.

  • Leaving a legacy. You may want to pass on an inheritance. The legacy could be the family business, a home, money or other resources. The need for long-term services and supports could affect what you want to leave.

  • Freedom of choice. Freedom is central to personal independence. Making life choices is easier if you know how you will fund them.

  • Not depending on government funding. Some people feel they must care for themselves. They do not want any government help to pay for services.

  • Peace of mind. Deciding these matters not helps you have peace of mind about the future. It also ensures your wishes are respected if you need long-term services and supports.

Team Senior Referral Services recognizes that these decisions are some of the hardest that you will make in your life. From our experience, we would highly recommend putting a plan in place before you are operating in crisis mode as a result of an accident, while lying in a hospital bed or rehabbing in skilled nursing. Unfortunately, we spend 90% of our time working with families that never thought about this until it was forced on them.

Families are moving their loved ones into assisted living communities that their moms and dads never got to see ahead of time. Don’t let that be you!

If you would like hands-on assistance planning for your next-step, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have personally pre-screened, assessed and graded the options available in Southern Oregon. We are a FREE service to you 100% of the time and we would be happy to help you explore your southern Oregon options, while creating a game plan should you be struck with a crisis.

You may call us at (541) 295-8230 or visit our website at

Looking forward to working with you!

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