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Team Senior Advisor Referral Placement Service

Our Mission

At Team Senior™, our mission is to guide you and support you through the maze of Southern Oregon Long-Term Care. It is our primary goal to set you at ease, allowing you the freedom to be your senior’s family or friend without the added pressure of blindly searching for long term care housing or in-home care giving.

We have already visited with and physically pre-screened all of the long-term care options in Southern Oregon. We have met the caregivers; we know what the adult foster home or facility looks like and we know how it smells. Our knowledge of the way that a facility ought to operate is based on our hands-on experience and research. (Everything from licensing requirements to substantiated Adult Protective Services investigations)

Southern Oregon senior community. We hear things, we know things, we talk to these facilities on a regular basis, and we know the rotation of caregivers, nurses, and doctors. It is hard to compare the hands-on, intimate, compassionate service that we provide to national referral companies that service individuals and facilities from all across the country.


Most times national referral companies will never meet you and then they will refer you to facilities they have never even seen. From our perspective, it is impossible to provide ANY referrals or recommendations without these elements!

* Team Senior is Federally prohibited from servicing the Medicaid sector. If you or your loved one receives Medicaid benefits you will need to contact your DHS case manager.

Team Senior Advisor Referral Placement Service

Making History, Our History

Team Senior is owned and operated by Jamie Callahan who employees a number of professionals prepared to assist you with almost anything. Her lovely family can often be found by her side; cheering people up in the hospital, serving coffee at Veteran’s Breakfasts and delivering dolls to Alzheimer’s residents, all while Scott (our in-house financial genius!) pours over the finances keeping everything buckled down so that Jamie can work in the field.


Having been local to Southern Oregon for almost 15 years, Jamie has an exceptional reputation in the Rogue Valley for giving back to the community, legislative work for our aging population and veterans, and helping people in general. You will find her to be direct, honest and transparent (some argue too much), while remaining compassionate and almost always available to those in need.

"I treated my residents the way that I would expect someone to treat my family. I quickly learned that you don’t have to be a doctor to do this job, but you need to fight for folks, be a good ear and friend, help them navigate complicated systems, and be flexible."



Jamie & Scott, with children Margaret and Liam

Team Senior works with anyone who needs help that are private pay, meaning they have insurance other than Medicaid, or they are paying for care out of their own pockets (federal law prohibits referral agencies from working with Medicaid recipients). 


Doctors and hospitals have been referring to Team Senior from the very beginning in 2016 because they see the heart and dedication of the Team Senior team, their core values, and the fact that they are well integraded in Southern Oregon. They often hear from other folks in the industry, “we see you everywhere!” and that is mostly true.

“I can see the difference that we are making on a daily basis. It’s very rewarding and an incredible experience to be able to share with my kids. They are learning the value of giving back, and being good empathetic care givers themselves. Being this close to folks builds an unbreakable bond between my family and the entire Southern Oregon community.” ~ Jamie Callahan, Founder and CEO

Senior woman swimming

"Team Senior has been nothing short of a Godsend to our family. My father is suffering through the stages of Alzheimer's Disease. As we progress with him, Jamie has been by our side helping us to be prepared and make decisions for his future. My father's well-being and comfort has been Jamie's top priority. Though we don't know what the future holds, we do know that Jamie will be there guiding us through this complex and emotional process."


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