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Doll Therapy

An elderly woman kissing a baby doll.
A baby doll

Doll Therapy for

Dementia & Alzheimer's


People with Alzheimer’s have often lost everything they know; caring for a doll can help them feel an immediate connection and provide purpose. 

Have you ever seen someone with Alzheimer’s tenderly cradling a doll, supporting the head and smiling at the doll’s face as they sing a song or wrap it in a blanket?

Helping to give purpose to Alzheimer’s patients is incredibly heart-filling!

Doll therapy helps senior's with Alzheimer's & Dementia to:

  • Feel less agitated

  • Connect with peers & family

  • Boost social interaction

  • Bring back pleasant memories

  • Improve their mood

Senior woman holding a baby doll smiling

Do you know of someone with Alzheimer’s who is in need of doll therapy?

Dolls are FREE, paid for by Team Senior Referral Services and Home Instead Senior Care. 

               We are amazed at how much my mom has changed since getting her doll, Mary. She changes its clothes and takes it to lunch. She is smiling all the time now and she goes on and on about how much she loves Mary. It is nice to see her happy again. 

- Beth

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Team Senior Referral Services & Home Instead Senior Care are working together to improve the lives of Alzheimer’s patients in Southern Oregon through Doll Therapy! 

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