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Senior's Seeking Assistance

Our Step-by-Step Process For Finding Your New Community...

Contacting us is the first step to getting started! We will answer all of your questions and gather some information from you.

We will meet for an initial consultation, get to know you and your personal, financial and healthcare needs. 

Within 24 hours we'll provide you with a list of options. We will  visit homes, meet the staff & assess facilities together

Once we have found the perfect community that will meet your needs we will assist with arrangements & transitioning!

Senior man shaking hands and laughing with a Team Senior advisor in an assisted living facility

How do you help me choose a facility?


Within 24 hours of meeting with you, our team will typically narrow down a list of options that best fit your medical and social needs. You will then have the opportunity to meet with and assess each of these options, meet the care staff, and ask any questions that you still have.

Team Senior™ only refers to facilities licensed by the State of Oregon.

Remember, we are here for you if you have questions. We are dedicated to providing guidance to you and your family until your loved one is comfortable in their new home.

How do I get started?


We will do an initial consultation with you. This is our chance to get to know you! We’ll begin this process with a detailed interview with you and your loved ones. This can be done over the phone, but we prefer to meet with you in person. Unfortunately we are prohibited from servicing the Medicaid sector due to the federal anti-kickback statute.

Our initial consultation will include the following (at minimum):

  • Personal care needs, medical conditions and diagnosis, medications, diet requirements, ambulation ability

  • Memory needs: dementia, Alzheimer’s and any challenges that come with these diagnoses (wandering, combative behavior, etc.)

  • Activity level, religious beliefs, hobbies, special interests, friends and family member visits

  • Preferred location: in the city, rural, close to public transportation, etc.

  • Your financial information and budget


What types of facilities do you contract with?


We try to run the gamut and include all levels, styles and price ranges. A few years ago, Jamie learned a valuable lesson from someone who works for the Department of Human Services and oversees Adult Foster Home regulation:

“I was criticizing an Adult Foster Home when the DHS supervisor said, ‘I can guarantee you that the people that live there are comfortable and happy and well cared for. That home has been there for a very long time. Just because the home does not make you comfortable, and does not compare to the very nice Adult Foster Home that you operate, it does not mean that it doesn’t serve a purpose.’ She went on to tell me that the people living in that home would never want to live in my home because they would not be comfortable there. I will never forget that conversation. It really made me stop and realize that there is a home for everyone, and they are not all alike.”

This is part of the reason why we like to meet with you in person. It allows us to genuinely get to know you. It is not to say that you are going to love only the places that we refer you to, but it will certainly help to narrow that gap. Ultimately, where you choose to place your loved one is entirely up to you. We will be here to answer your questions honestly. Remember, we live and work in this field right here in Southern Oregon and we hear all kinds of things about the good, the bad, the great and unique – and the ugly. Our job is to make you aware, if and when we have that insight, and let you make your decision with all of the information we can offer you.

Team Senior offers FREE in-person guidance to seniors and their families who need assistance finding quality long-term care and housing. We get questions all the time as to how this all works - below are our most frequently asked questions along with explanations. 

Team Senior Advisor Referral Placement Service assistance logo
Team Senior Advisor Referral Placement Service assistance assisted living nursing home

How does Team Senior get paid if the service is free for me?


It is no secret! This is how we pay our bills and support our families. We are proud of the work that we do and the support that we provide to the Southern Oregon senior community.

We are also not a franchise. When you work with Team Senior, we put our dollars back into the local community. Team Senior is owned by Jamie Callahan, a long-standing senior advocate in Southern Oregon.

We are in contract with the facilities that we refer you to and we receive a commission upon your move in. You are right to assume that we would like you to choose a home that we are in contract with, and that we do not generally refer you to facilities or homes that we are not in contract with.

Ethically, however, we are going to do what we feel is best for you, regardless of that commission structure. If we know one thing to be true, it is that service and reputation (especially here in Southern Oregon) is everything. We have helped many, many people with all kinds of things that we have never been compensated for, and it has paid for itself ten-fold in the way of word of mouth and referrals back to us.

And if you choose to live in an Assisted Living facility that we have referred you to, and that we are in contract with, they are the ones responsible for paying us. Our service is FREE to you!

Senior woman sitting on a couch with a Team Senior advisor

* Team Senior is Federally prohibited from servicing the Medicaid sector. If you or your loved ones receive Medicaid benefits you will need to contact your DHS case manager.

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