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Physically located in Medford, Grants Pass and Roseburg for FREE  in-person assistance


Being located right here in the Rogue Valley, we are very much in tune with what’s happening with the Southern Oregon senior community. We hear things, we know things, we talk to these facilities on a regular basis, and we know the rotation of caregivers, nurses, and doctors.

A tree orchard in the Rogue Valley

It is hard to compare the hands-on, intimate, compassionate service that we provide to you when you consider the distance and lack of involvement from national companies that service individuals and facilities across the country.

We know our local providers, physicians, insurance companies and the quality of the services they provide, and if we don’t, we know who to call to get it figured out. Because we’re local, we can meet with you and tour facilities with you. We are a full-service guidance program individually tailored to fit your needs, and assist local communities with a smooth transition for everyone. We pride ourselves on our Southern Oregon roots and all of the lives that we can improve as a result of being local!

Serving Josephine, Douglas & Jackson Counties.

* Team Senior is Federally prohibited from servicing the Medicaid sector. If you or your loved ones receive Medicaid benefits you will need to contact your DHS case manager.

"It's the climate" sign in downtown Grants Pass

“Angela has such a compassionate heart for everyone she meets. She has an innate ability to see all sides of an issue and then calmly help everyone arrive at the best solution. Angela comes across as very sweet (which she is) and soft spoken, but she will go to the wall for you to make sure that your needs are addressed. She has truly been a blessing in my life.”

— Nikki

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