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Southern Oregon Community Service Award

Congratulations, and thank you Lori Stanton

It should come as no surprise that we received numerous nominations for this one person... by a landslide in comparison to others. Team Senior is excited to recognize her as one of the most giving, supportive and truly amazing people in Southern Oregon. She is overwhelmingly committed to her peers, her community and the organization that she serves!

Lori serves as an outstanding role model for compassion and commitment to the Southern Oregon community, making significant a contribution through her time, actions and dedication. Lori truly moves the mission of the Alzheimer's Association forward in all that she does; educational programs, networking, the Walk to End Alzheimer's, care consultations to local constituents, support to long-term care providers, and so much more!

The Alzheimer’s Association is broadening it’s reach, because of Lori’s ability to lead both locally and nationally, through supportive, strategic, innovative initiatives. Her fantastic leadership within the Southern Oregon community has led to the expansion of her role within the local Alzheimer's Association chapter; Lori manages a team of regional coordinators across the state of Oregon.


We will all be rooting for you Lori - as your role continues to evolve, and you continue to fight for us all, for our future, and the future of our loved ones. Thank you for everything you do!

Click here to nominate someone for the 2023 Southern Oregon Community Service Award!

Community Service Award, Lori


Southern Oregon

Community Service Award


Lori Stanton

In appreciation for your

remarkable dedication to the

people in your community!

We are now accepting NOMINATIONS for 2023!

Do you know of someone who has committed their life to serving our Southern Oregon community? Someone who is recognized as giving back, selfless, compassionate, volunteering, etc? These are the people we want to hear about! 


Please visit our nominations page to tell us about the wonderful things this person is doing to help our Southern Oregon community.

* Accepting nominations through 3/31/2023

Previous Community Service Award Winners


2019 Southern Oregon Community Service Award winner Dr. John Forsyth

We chose to award Dr. John Forsyth the first Southern Oregon Community Service Award for his remarkable dedication to our industry and peers. Dr. Forsyth is well known in the community for his lifelong selflessness and we would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for all he has done, and all that he continues to do.

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