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Know What To Look For

We are pleased to be able to offer you information that increases the odds of success when looking for an assisted-living facility for yourself or a loved one. 

Evaluating Facilities

A woman filling out a form on a clipboard

When visiting a facility, it is so difficult to remember - or even know - all of the questions you need to ask. Click on the forms below for our guides to evaluating facilities.

Document Checklist

A person checking off a checkbox

It can be confusing going through all of mom or dad's paperwork - here is what you will need before moving into a home. You will want to have copies of the following documents...

Glossary of Terms

A dictionary definition of the word "Translation"

Doctors & nurses often use terms or acronyms you don't understand. This glossary will help you to follow along  & give you the understanding you need when making decisions.

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