6 Tips for When Parents Just Won’t Listen

Are you trying to give your parents advice, and they just don't want to hear it? I’d love to say that we have never heard this before, but this is a very common theme! Mom and Dad won’t listen. According to Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, 77% of adult children believe that their parents are stubborn about taking advice on long-term care, aging, help with daily problems, etc. Here are some tips on what to do if your parents won’t listen: Treat them like they are adults. Give them the dignity and respect that they deserve. Involve them in the process. Show them options. Remember that dealing with your parent is not the same as dealing with your child. Your parents would have t

Blue Zones Project

I met with Jason Maki from the Blue Zones project recently, and I have to admit that I am shocked! How is it that so few people know about this, including me, when an organization like this exists? “Live Longer and Better!” – That is their motto and they are helping so many people to achieve this. Their goal is to change the way that a community moves, thinks, eats, and works with community governments, businesses, schools, etc. They focus on everything from cleaning up parks to improving the places that people work and the results have been dramatic! In the first city project (Albert Lea, Minnesota) the citizens added 2.9 years to their lifespans and healthcare claims decreased by 49%, whil

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