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Rollx Vans - Changing Lives

Changing lives in Grants Pass!

It was an exceptional Thursday morning as disabled Grants Pass veterans wheeled themselves into a customized van, brought here by Nicole on behalf of Rollx Vans.

Nicole Arend, with Black and White Consulting, has helped thousands of veterans and companies that serve veterans connect. She came all the way from Tennessee to present a custom van, modified to suit disabled veterans, at the veteran’s breakfast.

Rollx secured a contract with the government to provide custom modified van conversions to disabled veterans for FREE and it’s “not difficult,” says Nicole, to get qualified!

I had the pleasure of talking with Dewey Hulsey and his wife Cindy before we got started. Dewey shared how his service-related disability has caused him go from needing a cane, to a walker and eventually a wheelchair. He was remarkably positive, but clear that asking for help is hard for him. Dewey said, “I can’t go anywhere, not even to Diamond Home Improvement to get a .69 cent part, without waiting around for someone to be available to take me.” He went on to say that it is burdensome to his family and friends.

Bill Cadman and his wife are both in a wheelchair, and quickly joked that they race around their house together. Thankfully they were able to purchase a van years ago, but Bill also said that it’s getting old and they need to get a new one.

While standing outside I was able to watch Bill, as the first veteran to try out the Van from Rollx and he was so excited to see the ramp come out so low to the ground. He wheeled himself inside with total ease, thanking Nicole every inch of the way.

The vans can be modified for almost any need, including the possibility of removing the driver's seat so that a disabled veteran can wheel himself into that place, safely lock in his chair, and then drive wherever he wants to go. “Pretty awesome and liberating,” said Nicole!

Wayne Clithero was the last guy that I got to talk to, and while he expressed some initial skepticism about the program, he left feeling positive about everything. Wayne spends a lot of his time giving back to the Grants Pass community through the Liberty Watch program and said, “having a van like this would make getting around so much easier!”

It was emotional for everyone standing in the parking lot, including Mayor Roy Lindsay and a number of other local business owners that stopped by to see what was happening. Cindy Hulsey said, “it’s so emotional to think about Dewey getting his independence back and being able to go places on his own.”

If you are interested in a Rollx Van, please do not hesitate to contact them. They will help you qualify and streamline the process by acting as a liaison between you and the VA.

Visit them here, or just call us and we’ll connect you: (541) 295-8230

I am so proud of my Team Senior partners D’Anne Lenford, Angela Kehoe, Amy Brending and Austin Wright for helping to make every veteran’s breakfast a success! It is incredible that we have been given an opportunity to impact the lives that we touch….. and not just veterans!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the near future, somewhere in our southern Oregon community. If you’re looking for us, you can always call (541) 295-8230, or can join us at the Veteran’s Breakfast, Home Show at the Expo, Southern Oregon Senior Resource Fair, Access Senior Fair in Medford, and more…. See our calendar for a complete listing of events.

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