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What is Medicare? Understanding the basics.

Medicare is a federal insurance that is available to people 65 years of age and older. There are sometimes exceptions, allowing people to qualify earlier, depending on the condition of their health. Services covered include: medical services, supplies while in the hospital and doctor office visits. These services fall under Part A (hospital insurance) or Part B (medical insurance).

Part A (Hospital Insurance)

Medicare Part A covers skilled nursing facilities for the purpose of rehabbing after injury or physical decline from something like a stroke. After you have spent three days in a hospital, Medicare Part A generally provides coverage in a skilled nursing facility for up to 100 days.

Part B (Medical Coverage)

Medicare Part B helps with doctor’s appointments and outpatient services, and it will also cover medical supplies that are needed to diagnose or treat your condition. Part B can also cover outpatient services such as Home Heath if you need therapy in your home, including physical, occupational and speech, to name a few.

Part C (Medical Insurance)

Medicare Part C is a health coverage option run by a private insurance company, and approved by Medicare. Part C is sometimes considered a version of an HMO or PPO, like a Medicare Advantage Plan. It can also sometimes include coverage for prescription drugs.

Part D (Medical Insurance)

Medicare Part D is insurance that is run by private insurance companies and approved by Medicare to provide prescription drug coverage.

To learn more about Medicare and the various requirements, services and plans please visit or call (800) 663-4227

The document 'Medicare and You' is very helpful! Find the document here, or Team Senior can email you this 136-page document; email requests to or call (541) 295-8230.

Team Senior is also available for any questions that you might have around what Medicare pays for in relation to Assisted Living Communities. You can learn more about us at or or by calling (541) 295-8230.

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