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The Ins and Outs of a Senior Move Manager

Team Senior is excited to announce that we're adding Move Managers to our services offered!

Senior Move Managers have the resources and knowledge to save money, find creative results for problems, and greatly reduce stress during an extremely stressful time in your life. Not to mention getting a lot done in a short amount of time, as they do this for a living! Here are the main six tasks of a Move Manager and why you might want to consider hiring one before embarking on your moving adventure.

1. Decluttering and Downsizing – If you’re moving to a smaller home (and odds are you are), you’re going to have to get rid of some of your belongings. Give it to family, sell it, dispose of it, donate it, put it in storage… probably a combination of all five! A Move Manager works with you to identify what goes where, and they do this with compassion knowing these aren’t just belongings, but rather a lifetime of memories.

2. Space Planning – When trying to decide which of your belongings will fit in your new home, it helps to have a Move Manager doing space planning. Measuring rooms and furniture and customized floor plans are all part of the process, and knowing what will fit in your new home prior to the move is key.

3. Planning & Coordination – A lot must be considered when planning a move; between getting everything packed, waste removal, estate sales, moving company quotes, and hiring cleaners (just to name a few), its a lot to get the timing right! A Move Manager can get all of this lined up and in the right order.

4. Packing – Where to start? Which room? What types of boxes are best for which items? It’s overwhelming for sure, and it helps to have a third party working with you who does this for a living. In fact, as a Move Manager is an experienced packer, your belongings are likely safer during your move.

5. Unpacking – What’s even more overwhelming than figuring out where to start packing?? Where to start unpacking! Again, it’s what a Move Manager does; ideally you can just step into your new home and turn the lights on.

6. Organization – A Move Manager gets everything put away in it’s place, from stocking pantries to shopping for organization options. Being able to walk into a home ready to live in is priceless.

From start to finish, a Senior Move Manager has you covered!

For more information, visit Team Senior Move Managers at or call (541) 295-8230.

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