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Welcome D'Anne!

We're happy to announce that D'Anne Lenford has joined the Team Senior team!

D’Anne Lenford is very well known and respected in the Southern Oregon Senior Community! She is recognized for her knowledge, compassion and diverse experience. Ask anyone and they’ll all say, “we know her and we love her!” D’Anne finds it extremely rewarding to work with seniors that have many different types of care needs. She works hard to ensure that they receive the very best care. Her past experience of owning her own business as well as her career in management help her to be creative, practical and compassionate in helping seniors and their families. She was fortunate to have grandparents and even great grandparents as large influences in her life and believes it is an honor to help seniors as her vocation here in the Rogue Valley. It's an honor to have D’Anne join Team Senior and we feel blessed to work with her every day!

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