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Important Family Discussions During The Holiday's

It’s an exciting time of year when families get together to celebrate the holidays. For many it isn’t often, especially when we’re not geographically close.

The holidays are sometimes our first glimpse into how our family has aged since we saw them last. About a year ago my mom sounded fine on the phone when we spoke, but she's never been one to talk about how she's feeling – She's always been the strong one in my family. But now that we’re all together, I can see she's not doing as well as I thought. Whether you’ve seen the decline of health happening over time or you’re just discovering it, the holiday’s, when the whole family is around, is a great time to talk in-person about the future.

Getting started with this conversation is easier than you might think. Give your parents the tools and power to control their future and make a plan before crisis mode occurs. Having conversations early on can help you all to identify your wishes and this can help lead to better outcomes.

Team Senior can help provide insight, giving families the power that comes with knowledge. We are blessed here in Southern Oregon to have a wealth of options for long-term care. Let us help you get to know them, and break the ice with those tough conversations.

We have already physically visited and met with most all of your long-term care options. We know what they look and smell like and we can bring our assistance to you, in-person, for no charge. Our service is 100% FREE to our clients.

Happy Holidays!

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