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Advance Funeral Planning

Many people plan for upcoming vacations, buying a home and retirement in order to prepare for future events. Even when planning is your passion, thinking about my funeral isn’t often on my mind – but it should be!

Writing a will and planning your funeral are other types of events that can be prepared for in advance, even if they are not the most delightful subjects to think about. If you have thought about advance funeral planning for yourself or a loved one, be aware of the many reasons, benefits and features you’ll need to consider.



There are many reasons to plan your funeral in advance. While death

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for all is imminent, no one knows exactly when their time will occur. One of the main reasons to consider advance funeral planning is that it gives you the opportunity to make the decisions about your funeral when you are in a healthy frame of mind. I know for example that I want a big party – wake style!

Another main reason to do this in advance is that there is quite a bit of work to do for a funeral. According to Advanced Funeral Planning, part of the process is simply gathering and putting together all your information and wishes, such as your social security number, personal information and the location of important papers, such as a will, insurance policies and bank account information. Many people’s loved ones don’t know the deceased’s favorite poem or song that should be read or played at a funeral. While my husband might choose ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, that probably wouldn’t be my first choice.




Advance funeral planning offers many benefits to both the planner and his/her loved ones. If you are the planner, the biggest thing you’ll benefit from is that your funeral will be exactly how you want it. You’ll set the tone for how you’re honored and remembered, and your wishes will be followed. Your family members will be grieving when you pass, and the last thing they’ll need to worry about is planning for and financing your funeral. Advance funeral planning gives you the ability to take care of all the details before you die. It also prevents your family members from overspending on your funeral out of feelings of guilt or confusion.


Funding Options


Many people do not realize how expensive a funeral can be, or that there are many different funding options. Many funeral homes offer trust accounts, which basically allows you to set aside funds to cover a portion or all of the funeral costs. This trust usually increases in value each year by accrued interest. Some funeral homes will also allow you to plan all the arrangements without paying for the funeral in advance. This may be something to consider if your life insurance plan should cover your funeral costs.


Funeral Options


You have several funeral options to choose from during your advance funeral planning. For example, you can decide to have a traditional burial service that includes a viewing, formal service and burial service. Some people want to have a service and be cremated instead. You can also choose to forego the services and have a direct burial or cremation. During the planning process, you’ll choose your music, scriptures to be read and any other specific traditions you want to be included. If you will be buried, you can choose your casket, headstone and burial plot. 


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