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Does Prayer Help In Times

Of Sickness

We are familiar with the requests for prayers when friends and family members are ill. We have witnessed the prayer circles around the beds, in our church and even on social media when our loved ones are critically ill. And perhaps we have prayed for our own healing and ability to cope?


Owning an Adult Foster Home since 2012 has really opened my eyes. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at handling end of life with my own family and loved ones, including the many lives that I touch through Team Senior. I get attached and I pour myself into those who need my help. It hurts to lose them. But I pray and I pray often!


Does prayer really help?

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We cannot scientifically prove that the power of prayer aids in healing. But, undoubtedly, prayer can be comforting and calming to both the sick and the caretakers. There is undeniable evidence that a positive attitude toward treatment and recovery can help a sick or injured individual heal. A belief in prayer can give a patient a sense of empowerment and hope in their recovery. Our faith in God’s plan for one’s life may also allow a patient to accept a terminal condition.  The physical reactions to prayer can be calming and restorative. As one prays or meditates, breathing can become slower and more consistent, heart rates and blood pressure lower, and the effects of stress are diminished. All of these reactions can be beneficial to a patient during a recovery.


Prayer can also aid caretakers. Often, loved ones feel helpless as they watch a family member or friend endure an illness or injury. That feeling of helplessness may lead to a panicked or depressed outlook, which is ultimately damaging to the patient. Even when a caregiver can do nothing physically to help the patient, prayer can help the caregiver feel as though they’re acting on behalf of the patient. A caregiver who can look to God for help in the recovery process often has more trust in the doctors, nurses and other attendants, believing that a higher power is directing their actions and decisions. Family members and friends who pray over the bed of a severely ill or injured loved one will bring calmer and more positive feelings, discussions and energies into the hospital room.


I know from personal experience with friends, family and patients that I lean to prayer in difficult times. My faith runs deep. It has brought me peace and understanding in a sometimes difficult career – helping so many people in the end of their life.


Lean on Him. He can give you strength.


God bless!


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