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Processing Grief By Celebrating

Loved Ones

Grief over the loss of a loved one is one of those common denominators of humanity—we all experience an intense pain, sadness, and sense of loss in response to a loved one’s death at some point in our lives. It shapes those who experience it permanently, and the process of grieving, however painful, helps us to remember why we loved our loved ones and what profound impact they had on our lives. Processes of grieving are highly individual and no how-to guide can simplify the experience for anyone. There are, though, a few easily adaptable solutions which allow for individual creativity which have proven almost universally helpful to mourners over time.

One thing in particular that helps almost everyone heal from bereavement is the creation of a memorial in honor of the person they’ve lost. This can be anything—from naming a star after the

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deceased to a roadside marker, a work of art, an engraved statue, a fountain, or a memorial dedication of a book or live performance.


Many mourners choose to create or participate in an online memorial of some sort. This offers numerous advantages over physical memorials. For instance, memorial websites or Facebook pages offer access to mourners far away from the family of the deceased. They are also relatively inexpensive to construct and maintain. This means more people can share their memories of a loved one through an online memorial, and the more people who share positive memories of the departed, the more thoroughly mourners can grieve and heal.


The knowledge that other people remember the person you miss, and that they loved them and will miss them too, is a powerful comfort to most of us when we grieve. The knowledge that you have done something to keep a departed loved one from being forgotten is equally as powerful.  


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