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Senior Care and Mesothelioma

Naturopathic Solutions for Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma is a cancer that's still considered a rare type, but it's aggressive nature makes it stand out to both patients and doctors. Tumors growing from the lining of the lungs are hallmarks of this ailment. It's typically caused by an exposure to asbestos, such as in the workplace. Because the cancer doesn't develop until people are well into their senior years, these patients often look for alternative forms of treatment. Naturopathy is a strategy that many patients choose because of its logical fit into traditional therapies, such as radiation or chemotherapy. Treating the Whole Body According to Cancer Council Victoria, naturopathic treatment involves the entire body. Patients' symptoms aren't treated as pinpoints on their charts. By changing a person's lifestyle, the body is strong enough to fight off cancer on its own. A mixture of physical, dietary and mental changes usually occurs during naturopathic treatment. Patients have dozens of different exercises, foods and programs that can progressively improve their health. Although there's not one clear path toward cancer remission, there's hope for a better quality of life by using these options in various capacities. Minimal Side Effects In most cases, the side effects to naturopathic solutions are minimal. The Canadian Cancer Society cautions that any alternative programs must be revealed to the doctors so that conventional therapies can continue to work their magic. Be transparent about any cancer treatments so that the doctors can make an educated decision on the proper pathway. Patients who live in an assisted living facility are well-aware of the side effects occurring with synthetic drugs. They've seen them firsthand. Because naturopathic options are as pure as possible, their side effects are almost nonexistent. Acupuncture Every cancer patient should have a choice to explore an alternative therapy, including acupuncture. In fact, some senior care programs include this service with their everyday therapies. Acupuncture is the process of adding needles to the skin in strategic locations. This therapy is known for its invigorating effects on the immune system. Because the skin is being systematically damaged, the body's defenses rise up to fix the issue. When patients are dealing with lung cancer, any immune-system boost is a welcome reaction. Patients might have acupuncture performed several times a year in order to see the best results. Meditation Worries surrounding cancer patients will often undermine the therapy process. The mind is a powerful tool that can be used for positive thinking. Another naturopathic solution to consider is meditation. Senior care patients might sit in a quiet garden, close their eyes and internalize a mantra or chant. By focusing the mind with a repetitive thought, the entire body relaxes. It can now fight off the cancer because the immune system isn't compromised with stress hormones that are directly linked to a worried mind. Herbal Choices Lung cancer is one of the most difficult ailments to treat, but there are some promising herbal solutions. The National Institutes of Health report that Platycodon grandiflorum, Prunus armeniaca and Draba nemorosa are all herbs that have some potential. Patients may want to consult with their own doctors about efficacy and complementary therapies to conventional types. A whirlwind of the right herbs can immobilize the cancer to a certain extent. Researchers caution that everyone reacts differently to herbal choices so experimentation may be the best route. Emerging treatments are constantly being explored and introduced to patients as science moves forward. Seniors might live at home or in an assisted living community, but everyone has a chance to try naturopathic solutions as they see fit. Experimenting with different options can open up the door to remission in the future.

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