Adult Foster Homes

An Affordable Residential Option

Adult Foster Homes are an underutilized option that many people overlook. Licensed and regulated by the State of Oregon, Adult foster homes are going to be your most affordable option, and in many cases the highest level of attention and detail is spent on residents living in this setting. With a maximum of five residents per home, operated in a residential setting, it’s easy to look in on someone on a very regular basis – providing individual attention that is sometimes missed in a large scale setting. Adult Foster Homes can accommodate a wide range of needs as well, everything from your basic activities of daily living to hospice and end-of-life care. Working closely with home health and the State of Oregon, Adult Foster Homes can provide the most home-like setting, seriously attentive care and companionship and they offer this all while providing the basics: medication management, food preparation, laundry service, activities, etc.

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